It Was ‘Just Another Christmas Song’

That’s the name of our 100th original Christmas song, which we introduced at our sold out annual Christmas show Dec. 20 in Little Theatre 1, Rochester. N.Y. Once again we bucked expectations because “Just Another Christmas Song” is a sincere, heartfelt ballad—much like most of the Christmas songs that get released every year. 

Yes, we can do that, too.

We built the night around our celebration of that 100th song. Major Malik Evens sent us a nice congratulatory letter, which we blew up, mounted and displayed in the lobby to greet everyone who entered.

Congratulatory letter from Rochester Mayor Malik Evans

And we produced two videos, which we played that night, one before each set. You can view them below. Thanks to everyone who attended and / or contributed their time, thoughts and skills into making this a memorable night. 

We opened the show with a man and woman on the street interview asking what our 100th song should be about and what we might do that would be special to introduce it. 
Before we played the 100th song to open our second set, we showed a video in which we coerced a bunch of friends, strangers and community icons to offer their congratulations on our milestone. 

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