We play mostly original music, written by the band’s five distinctive, yet complementary songwriters, exploring many of North America’s popular musical genres.  

We’re known for our frequent themed performances: tributes to popular musicians, holiday celebrations, nods to springtime, the moon, bow ties, aluminum, and on and on. Sometimes we stray into performance art, as with our reenactments of the 1959 and 1968 Grammy Shows and our Singing Serling show comprising 14 original songs, each about an individual Twilight Zone episode. Since 2015, we’ve performed an annual multi-media Christmas show featuring all-original holiday songs. 

Our band members:

Rick McRae—vocals, trombone, accordion, keyboards

Steve Piper—vocals, electric guitar, ukulele, accordion, bass

Kerry Regan—vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, kazoo

Scott Regan—vocals, guitar

Tom Whitmore—vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass, melodica

Marty York—drums

Our occasional live performance enhancer and songwriter:

Pete Hasler—vocals, trombone, saxophone, flute, fiddle, keyboards, penny whistle, jaw’s harp, bass and other instruments TBD